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  • Furness Brick and the Brick Faced Cladding Panels

    What is a Brick Faced Cladding Panel? Brick-faced cladding panels are architectural elements used to mimic the appearance of traditional brick walls while providing the benefits of a lightweight and versatile cladding system. These panels typically consist of a core material, such as cement, metal, or composite materials, with a layer of real brick on the outer surface. What is unique about these bricks? We produced a bespoke frog design that enables the brick to be cut in half lengthways, the design of the frog allows both halves of the cut brick to be used in the manufacturing process.

  • New Brochure for 2024

    Alongside a new website for 2024 we have also launched a brand new brochure – an informative guide to our high-quality brick collection. Packed with vibrant visuals and key specifications, this user-friendly brochure is designed to simplify the selection process. It's more than just a catalog; it's a stylish and accessible resource that embodies Furness Brick's commitment to excellence in construction materials.

  • New Website - New Blog

    Furness Brick introduces its new website for 2024. The user-friendly design provides easy navigation through a comprehensive product catalog, showcasing a diverse range of bricks with detailed descriptions and vibrant images. The website is not only modern but also responsive across all devices, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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