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Furness 'Bee' Brick

What is a Bee Brick ?

A bee brick is a man-made structure designed to provide a nesting site for solitary bees. Solitary bees, unlike honeybees, do not live in colonies or hives. Instead, they create individual nests for their eggs in small cavities such as hollow plant stems, holes in wood, or other similar spaces.

A bee brick typically consists of a block or brick with a series of drilled holes or tubes, which mimic the natural nesting sites that solitary bees seek out.  By placing bee bricks in outdoor spaces, gardens, or on buildings, individuals can contribute to supporting local bee populations and biodiversity.  Solitary bees play a crucial role in pollination, making them important for the health of ecosystems and agriculture.

What size and bricks type can you produce the brick in ?

We can produce our Furness "Bee" Brick in any of our standard and bespoke sizes, we can also match the brick to any of our colour ranges for that natural look.

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