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The most inspired designs should deliver a stunning visual appearance. It is vital that the brick choice is sensitive to the type of work being undertaken.  We have over 150 years of experience, and pride ourselves on having the knowledge to advise customers as to the most suitable choice of brick.

VAT Information

Here at Furness Brick we are very supportrtive of self-builders and the self-build market. This in turn often leads to questions about VAT and our position as a brick manufacturer and supplier.

We often hear it said that the sale should be VAT free or at the reduced rate of VAT on barn conversions and similar projects so whilst we were recently exhibiting at Grand Designs Live we approached Andrew Jones who was the Self-Build VAT Expert at the show to clarify the position.

He responded with -

"As a supplier Furness Brick will charge the VAT at 20%, this is because the bricks are being supplied only, specifically not being fitted or laid
in the case of bricks. On a new build any contractor (builder) visiting site to do work for you should not be charging you VAT, this applies to the labour and any materials they supply and use as part of or in the course of the service they are providing for you.


Specific to Furness Brick – the bricklayer should not be charging you VAT to lay the bricks that you as a self-builder have purchased from Furness Brick, and then in turn the VAT invoice from Furness Brick should be included in a VAT reclaim at the end of the project for a refund. This would apply throughout your self-build project to almost all your purchases.  As another example, windows being bought and fitted would be Zero rated VAT as differently to buying bricks, the windows are being supplied and fitted, therefore VAT free throughout but if the windows, as the bricks were, are purely purchased and fitted by another then again the VAT is paid and reclaimed."

If you have any VAT related queststions in regard to New Build or Conversions please contact Andrew

Mobile: 07816 825248. Office: 01269 825248     Email:      Web:

All information supplied was correct as 2023, for any further changes or updates please refer to

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