A hand stacked, coal fired, hand sorted brick. We have developed and refined the 18th century pressed smooth making process, recreating the unique character of pressed bricks from yesteryear.

The most inspired designs can deliver a stunning visual appearance. It is vital that the brick choice is sensitive to the type of work being undertaken. To help in making the correct choice, we have over 150 years of experience and pride ourselves on having the knowledge to advise customers as to the most suitable choice of brick for their project.


At Furness Brick we can weather any of our victorian bricks to produce an 'aged' appearance, resulting in brickwork that is almost indiscernible from the original and preserves the timeless character of the existing building. This is a unique process that can be used for the creation of weathered blends for new build schemes, as well as matching into existing refurbishment projects.


From within our ranges we can weather any of our bricks. We can also blend together any of our ranges to create an huge number of blends to either, match existing brickwork, or create a new blend to your requirements.

Most buildings mellow with age and many of the modern bricks on the market used in the refurbishment of these buildings can spoil any extension by their new appearance.


Technical Information

Pack Quantity - 400*

Freeze Thaw Resistance - F2

Active Soluble Salt Content - S2

Compressive Strength (N/mm2) - 91.6

Water Absorption - 5%

Size Mean Value - Tm

Size Range Value - Rm

Sizes Available

65mm x 102.5mm x 215mm

73mm x 102.5mm x 215mm

53mm x 112.5mm x 230mm

68mm x 112.5mm x 230mm

73mm x 112.5mm x 230mm

80mm x 112.5mm x 230mm

Any other bespoke size available on request

*Certain imperial pack sizes are not 400


A small selection of the blends we offer

Old Victorian Pressed M/L


Old Victorian Pressed M/D


Old Victorian Pressed Weathered


Docklands Blend


Handbridge Blend


Handbridge Unweathered


Old Terrace Blend


Old Terrace Weathered


The images on this website and the samples we provide serve only as a guide. Our bricks are manufactured from a natural material and variations in shade will occur. The manufacturing process creates a naturally random appearance, which in itself forms the character within our bricks.

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