Established in 1845, Furness Brick is an independent family-run brick manufacturer, specialising in the production of traditional pressed, clamp, handmade facing bricks and pavers. As well as producing a standard range of facing bricks, our years of brick-making expertise enables us to manufacture bespoke blends, weathered bricks , non-standard and imperial sizes in a wide variety of colours and textures.


Furness Brick have been crafting their unique range of hand-blended bricks for over 175 years and have a great history and tradition in brick-making. Producing bricks of exceptional charm and character seldom found in modern bricks. Self Builders, Architects and Brick Stockists have been coming to Furness Brick to suit their bespoke needs for over a century. We pride ourselves on supplying all areas of the industry.


Furness Brick & Tile Co Ltd - Sustainability Statement - 2022

Furness Brick & Tile Co Ltd is a small, traditional, family run brick manufacturer whose operations are based just south of the Lake District National Park. Shale for brickmaking is excavated from the adjacent quarry resulting in zero “clay miles”.  Furness Brick produces 5.5 million bricks per year: Clamp, Old Victorian Pressed, Buff and genuine Handmades. We apply continuous improvement techniques to all our processes. working towards a sustainable future. Brick has existed for thousands of years and is one of the strongest and long lasting building materials available.


Despite their longevity they are still considered to have strong green credentials with the lifespan of an average brick calculated at approximately 500 - 700 years. Recent research has found that the embodied energy of clay bricks in a modern semi detached home equates to just 1.87% of the overall heating requirement for the home over its lifetime of 150 years.  Brick structures have an A+ rating awarded by the building research establishments - Green Guide, which demonstrates that sustainability is not just about the use of carbon free materials but about the total impact of a product over its lifetime. Entire bricks can be reused to suit changing requirements. Bricks have been given an Ecopoint rating of just 1.07, cradle to gate .


Furness Brick successfully complies with its Citizens climate lobby agreement to reduce CO2 footprint. Regularly audited and inspected by the CCL. We also have an agreed Environmental permit with our local council with regular inspections. We have zero landfill waste, as all brick packaging is now 100% recyclable.  We have zero waste from our production materials as any brick that does meet a specific standard is crushed and used in the production process once again. This reduces the amount of clay that needs excavating and the amount of energy used to fire the bricks.


We are constantly monitoring total particulate emissions with bi annual third party independent testing also submitted to the local Environmental health department.

Through the implementation of electric on site plant vehicles, electrical system upgrades, structural building upgrades and the carbon offset scheme we aim to be carbon neutral by 2025.