Helpful Hints For The Self Build

Always liaise with your local planning office on the colour, size and texture of brick that they will accept for your plot.

Once you have made your selection from a sample, then it is advisable to visit a completed project built in that brick. Once you have finalised your choice of brick, arrange for a sample to go to the planners for approval.

Construct a quality control panel on site with your chosen brick and mortar. This should show the bond patterns and joint profile, which should remain standing throughout the duration of the build.

When ordering bricks for your property, also consider purchasing enough for any additional work you may wish to carry out at the end of the project, such as: boundary walls, garages or driveways. This may save you any excess haulage charges.

If you have detailed any special bricks for your project then make sure that they are ordered in plenty of time, as most specials can be on extended delivery.

Be aware of any access problems that your plot may have as the majority of deliveries are made on articulated vehicles. More flexible transport is available on request.

On your first delivery it is a good idea to try and spread the load around the site, ensuring complete access to the packs at all times.

Always try and ensure that all packs are stood on suitable hardstanding.

Even though the bricks will be blended at the factory, it is good site practice to ensure that a minimum of 3 to 4 packs are opened and worked from simultaneously.

Ensure that during construction your brickwork is covered up and kept dry at the end of each days work.