• 1900

    The Furness Brick & Tile Company was formed at the current location.

  • 1930's

    A whole housing estate in London was built using Furness Bricks.

  • 1960's

    Demand for common bricks decreased as construction used concrete blocks.

  • 1980's

    Improvements to the kiln increased production and reliability.

  • Bricks renowned for matching, weathering, conservation and renovation qualities.

    Present Day


Established in 1845, Furness Brick is an independent family-run brick manufacturer, specialising in the production of traditional pressed, clamp and handmade facing bricks and pavers. As well as producing a standard range of facing bricks, our years of brick-making expertise enables us to manufacture bespoke blends, weathered bricks , non-standard and imperial sizes in a wide variety of colours and textures.

Furness have been crafting their unique range of hand-blended bricks for over 150 years and have a great history and tradition in brick-making, producing bricks of exceptional charm and character seldom found in modern bricks.


The brochure

Our brochure offers an insight into the Furness Brick & Tile Company since its inception in 1845 to modern days. The brochure highlights the range of bricks we produce at our traditional factory and showcases how the bricks have been used to create new builds with a traditional feel.


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